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Hi! I love to don my chef’s apron to indulge in one of my life long passions - cooking. In my everyday life I am a father, husband, golfer, gentleman, farmer and traveler. Over the last few years, I have been spending a lot of my time in the kitchen re-creating recipes that I have learnt from cooking classes, recipe books, cooking sites, tv shows and on my travels. I have spent years living and working in England and mainland Europe and have developed a keen appreciation for world cuisine. My daughters and wife have always encouraged me to pursue this passion (probably because they get to enjoy the fruits of my labour!). They are my greatest critics; their forthright and opinionated natures ensure that I get very candid feedback! So go on, try out the recipes on Cooking Confidential and welcome to my world!!

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Welcome to Cooking Confidential

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This blog is all about cooking and food and there is nothing confidential about it. I love to travel, eat, cook, take cooking lessons, try out new recipes and apply the learning from one cuisine to another and then share it with all. I write about my experiences as an... more

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