Cooking while travelling

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We travelled to Spain in 2012 and I took my first 1 day cooking class. It does not sound like much, but the information gained in class combined with a shopping spree in La Bouqueria market and a couple of Spanish cuisine recipe books got me started.The family was fed only Spanish cuisine – Tapas, Bombas, Paella, Cazuelitas, Croquettes, Pintxos, Soups etc. for over 6 months till everyone decided that they had had enough of Spanish cuisine.

Next came a 5 day cooking course in Bangkok on what else but Thai cooking. This was an amazing experience to spend each day cooking at least 5 dishes and learn about ingredients, chopping techniques, texture and flavours. On my return, the larder was stocked with Thai condiments, a few cookbooks on modern Thai dishes to add to the traditional ones I had learnt in class. The next 4 months I cooked only Thai food using ingredients that were available locally and matched local preferences.I got a cookbook on Vietnamese cooking and spent the following 3 months cooking Pho and other Vietnamese delicacies.After spending close to a year on Asian cooking, it was time to move west.
My daughters have always loved Italian food and I have been cooking it off and on over the years. This time around instead of focusing on the all time favorites like Lasagne, I spent over 4 months cooking great simple Italian food inspired by books of Antonio Carluccio and Diane Seed – The Top 100 Pasta Sauces. This time was spent learning to cook Al dente pasta and veggies, gnocci, perfect arrabiatta sauce, cous cous salad – Italian style etc.

In September 2014 we were on holiday in Athens and Istanbul. I took a half day cooking class in each of these cities. It was quite interesting to discover the uniqueness as well as the similarities in their cuisines. Currently the focus is more on Turkish food as the mildly spicy flavour of their dishes seem to appeal more to me. Some Greek recipes have also been mastered and I will be posting both Turkish and Greek recipes over the next few months.And so the journey will continue.