Fresh Produce – New beginnings

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Last weekend we went to the farm after a long break. Summer is finally over and the monsoons have set in. The weather changes are beautiful with a drop in temperature and refreshing breeze.

The primary reason was to go and check out our first experimental produce from the green house that we built at the beginning of the year. I started out with a couple of planting beds and attempted growing the seedlings in trays. The results are fifty-fifty; some success-some disappointment. We managed to successfully get seedlings of Aubergines, Beet Root, Chilies, Cherry Tomatoes, Beans, Tomatoes, Spinach, Coriander and Broccoli, but a total failure from the red peppers and yellow pepper seeds! We got a look at the fresh produce over the weekend. It is a well-known fact that many chefs and cooks have ooohed and aaahed about the joys of working with fresh produce. So let me add my two bits to it.

The look and feel of fresh produce is beautiful. You can pluck them when they are young and tender and the pictures say it all. You can genuinely claim to get to work with baby spinach – You only pluck the leaves that you want and you even have the luxury of picking all of the same size!! Tender young Broccoli is pale green in color and the florets take hardly any time to cook. They also last longer in the fridge as they are not watered to keep fresh.
We also found a discarded bee hive on the farm. That led to a discussion on the perfection of the hexagonal cells in the hive and how the bees construct them. Curiosity got the better of us and we managed to find a live wasp-hive with honey and in which the wasps had all left the hive!!! Here are the pictures. We drained the hive, collected the honey in a bottle that my friend took home for his everyday breakfast!