Indian Non-Veg

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A India Non-Veg …


Aubergine fritters

(Spicy aubergine fritters, Aubergine fritters)

Fenugreek fried bread

(Fresh Fenugreek leaves)

Coriander coconut chutney

(Side Dish, Coconut chutney)


Cucumber relish

(Cucumber salad, Cucumber relish)

Tomato relish

(Tomato relish, Delicious spicy)


Chilli chicken curry

(Chilli chicken curry)

Kingfish Curry

(Classic kingfish curry, Combination of chilly, coconut milk and tamarind to bring in the spice)

Spinach peas pulao

( Spinach peas Pulao, With Dal and Curry )


Carrot cake

(Classic carrot cake, Orange rind)