Modern Thai

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A modern Thai menu that is a delightful combination of contemporary Thai dishes along with a few traditional stir fry and curries.


Fish cakes

(Fish cakes with kingfish, beans, red curry paste and kaffir lime leaves)

Meatballs in fragrant coconut broth

(Creamy chicken meatballs in lemon grass infused coconut broth)


Thai chicken salad

(Lemon flavored chicken mince with Basil, Birds eye chillies, Coriander leaves, Spring onion salad)

Caramelised lime fish

(Basa fish caramelized with a light lemon and soy sauce dressing with spring onion dressing)


Red curry with chicken

(Classic red curry with chicken)

Pad Thai noodles

(Classic Pad Thai noodles)

Broccoli stir fried with chilli and garlic

(Stir fried Broccoli in a chilli garlic sauce)

Stir fry chicken in a black pepper sauce

(Classic stir fry of chicken marinated in a black pepper sauce)

Pineapple fried rice

(Classic Pineapple fried rice)


Curry leaf and lime parfait

(Lemon and lime parfait with a hint of curry leaves flavor)