• Yield : upto 4 bowls
  • Servings : 6-8 people
  • Prep Time : 15m
  • Cook Time : 15m
  • Ready In : 30m


Hummus is one of the first things that comes to mind when you think of middle eastern cooking and a staple side dish that goes great with all types of breads.


Step 1

Soak the chick peas overnight in water. Pressure cook (2 whistles and 2 minutes of simmer) and leave to cool. Remove the skins and mash them. The trick to remove the skin is to hold in one hand and lightly press one end to find the pea slip out.

Step 2

Add the finely crushed garlic, the spices, Tahini and mix well while adding the olive Oil and the lemon juice.

Step 3

Serve as desired with a sprinkle of red chilli powder and some extra virgin oil.

My Notes

1. Since the olive oil is to be just mixed with the chick pea paste and not cooked, I prefer to use extra virgin olive oil.
2. I would suggest that you do not use up all the Lime juice, Tahini, Olive oil in one go as you are mixing it up. Excess Tahini or Olive oil makes the Hummus bitter and excess lime will make it too sour. Taste the mixture and add more lime, Tahini, olive oil or for that matter salt to get it to taste as you like it.
3. You can make Hummus without removing the skins of the chick pea. It will be coarser.
4. You may sprinkle red chilli powder on top along with extra virgin olive oil. I like to put a dash of Biber Salcasi (Red Pepper paste) to achieve the same effect.
5. Hummus is best had with toasted bread, pita,lavash etc. in different shapes.

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