Winter vegetables stew

  • Yield : 4-6 people
  • Servings : 4-6 plates
  • Prep Time : 40m
  • Cook Time : 30m
  • Ready In : 1m

Winter vegetables stew

A great winter vegetable stew that can be cooked with fresh beans and vegetables.


Step 1

Mix all the ingredients for the Fenugreek dough balls (except oil for frying) together to form a dough. Shape into 24 balls (approximately), each about 1inch in diameter. refrigerate for 30 minutes.

Step 2

Fry in hot oil on medium heat till golden. Drain and set aside.

Step 3

Finely grind together coconut, coriander leaves, garlic, green chillies with 4 tablespoons water. Add more water if required to make a fine green paste.

Step 4

Heat oil in a large vessel. When hot, add ajwain. When it starts crackling, add asoefoetida. Stir for a few seconds. Add all the vegetables, wheat flour, garlic greens and the coconut milk. Add vegetable stock if the sauce becomes too thick on cooking.

Step 5

Cook on low heat till all the ingredients are cooked. Test the plantain and the potatoes to check and make sure that all the ingredients are cooked. Add the Muthias in the end and stir the sauce to coat then evenly. Serve hot with rice.

My Notes

1.This is a favourite with my wife. It can be best made in the month of December/January because of the availability of ingredients.
2. The basic coconut + coriander sauce can be used along with any combination of vegetables.
3. The fenugreek dough balls add a unique flavoring to this dish. They can be had on their own as a snack.
4. You can vary the spice as desired by adding more green chilli.
5. It is a great one-dish meal to go along with rice or Rotis/chapatis.
6. I like to precook the regular beans, boil and fry the sweet and regular potatoes separately and add them in the end so that they can retain their al-dente nature. This helps as the cooking time required for the vegetables is different.
7. It is locally called Oondhiu.

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