Tapas party

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A Tapas party spread with classic Spanish flavors along with some bold and modern Tapas dishes to make a light and tasty party meal.


Roasted Almonds

(Lightly roasted almonds)

Spiced carrots orange

(Spiced carrots with orange, fennel seeds and mint cumin yogurt)


Zucchini bell pepper onion

(Mixed vegetable spread, Bell Peppers, Onions, Spanish, Spread, zucchini)

Mushroom with garlic and olive oil

(Mushrooms with garlic and olive oil)

Chicken with garlic

(Garlic chicken)


(Classic Spanish dip, Romesco sauce, salbixtada sauce)

Mash potatoes croquettes

(Croquettes, Potatoes)

Meatballs in spicy tomato sauce

(Meat balls, Spicy tomato sauce)


Orange caramel creams

(Orange caramel creams, Fresh oranges)