The Cooking Journey

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I have always been interested in food – more eating while growing up and helping my mother in running errands to buy meat and vegetables every weekend. However,the kitchen was always my mother and grandmother’s domain and I learnt anything it was only through observation that may have got recorded in my sub-consciousness.
The first opportunities came up when we were working in Oslo and had a kitchen of our own and were faced with the challenge of eating a Norwegian Smorgasbord every day if we decided to eat out. I guess that is where the journey started and some basic skills were acquired – partly out of necessity and partly out of my love for food and the openness to try out any world cuisine.

The next opportunity came when I was living in England. I cooked for the girls inspired by the food that was popular at the time, drawing on recipes provided by Sainsburys, Marks and Spencers and the Sunday Times.I also lived alone for 2 years in England before returning to India. That was when I did get the opportunity to cook at least 3-4 days a week trying out different recipes.

The next big impetus came as the girls grew up in India themselves loving to cook and experiment with new food and cuisine. It even went up to one of them making fanciful  demands of sushi and such to show off in their school fetes, which yours truly did his best to oblige!!!!

My focus on cooking really started over the last few years, especially after my daughters left for college – No there is no empty nest feeling. They are doing what they need to do at their age and I am getting to spend more time acquiring culinary skills and knowledge of cuisines in a more organised and disciplined manner.