Why Cooking Confidential?

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This thought did cross my mind – Why Cooking Confidential? Not the name, but the reason to do this. There are many recipe blogs and that too by professional chefs and  popular news outlets like BBC, CNN and others. Surely all the recipes I have compiled can be found in some blog, site, book or a cooking show. I guess the key word is ‘compile’. I wanted to compile the inventory of recipes that I have cooked at some point or the other over the last so many years. I wanted them to be available in one place for me to refer to.  I wanted to be able to have an easy to search recipe compilation that could be searched on things like recipe types, courses, cuisines and ingredients.

The choice of what to cook in a planned event  for guests is generally driven by cuisines and courses. However, on a daily basis a lot of the decision of what to cook is largely a function of what ingredients are available in the refrigerator, what may soon go  bad if not consumed in a day or two etc. Then there are days when someone in the family is pining for that one dish in a meal which she had the last time we got together – Chicken lasagne for my elder daughter! Having the recipe handy and not having to struggle to remember where I got the recipe from was one of the drivers for putting this site together.[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”18″ gal_title=”Cooking Confidential Spread – 2″]Also, as is the case with anyone who loves to cook-  you experiment, you change the recipe to suit your tastes, you learn new tricks of chopping, cooking, presentation and have your moments of ‘ creative brilliance’ – at least you believe the variations are brilliant!! Portions in existing recipes books are sometimes difficult to follow as is as that would result in enough food for the next 3-4 meals! The same is true with measures as I prefer spoon, cup sizes as opposed to grams and ml.  Hence to document and record these changes so that I could repeat the results was also one of the reasons why I needed all the information in one place.[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”20″ gal_title=”Spanish Cuisine”]
As a family, we have spent a lot of time around the dinner table and jointly created meals on special occasion like Diwali and Christmas or when friends and family are over. My daughters also enjoy cooking and  with them being away, I am hoping this is one way in which I can share what is being cooked at home and also have the inventory available to them  for use!! With a lesser frequency, but whenever possible, the same has been true with the meals I have cooked with and  for my extended family of nieces, nephews, sister, brother-in-law and close friends who are now spread all over the world in as diverse locations such as Singapore, US,UK and South Africa. So this is very much for them too!![Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”19″ gal_title=”Turkish Cuisine”]lastly, I have a few friends who have enjoyed my hospitality over the years and some have asked for recipes/had conversations on how it was cooked etc.. This was probably more out of the enthusiasm that gets generated when you eat something tasty under the influence of strong beverages!! I doubt they have done anything about trying it out themselves safely comforted by the thought they can always show up and I would be more than glad to oblige. They are my friends and they are welcome and this is also for them to continue to be part of my world.
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